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Date: Sun 13. Mar 2022 18:29:30
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Knowledge Base 2.0.x-RC

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Jedná se o vlastní modifikovanou verzi Sheer Knowledge Base.
Modifikace nejsou finální a další budu postupně doplňovat.
Články, kategorie a nastavení z původní verze rozšíření budou zachovány

This is a custom modified version of Sheer Knowledge Base.
Modifications are not final and I will add more gradually.
Articles, categories and settings from the original version of the extension are not affected

Knowledge Base 2.0.0
This version contains bug fixes and improvements
  • phpBB 3.3.x is now fully supported (the extension was tested on phpBB up to 3.3.4)
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Prism JS syntax highlighter extension
  • Optimization for Php 8.x
  • Reorganization of php code to handle ACP
  • Updated jquery plugins and other java scripts
  • All html files in style folder are twigged
  • Removed text links e.g. print, comments and replaced with buttons
  • Other minor changes in the display of articles
  • Updated language
  • Modified notifications
  • The description is also optional
  • Rewritten configuration management (does not use the kb_config table)
  • Rewrite search backend
    - Knowledge Base MySQL Fulltext
    - Knowledge Base Native Fulltext (default)
    - Knowledge Base PostgreSQL Fulltext (test version)
  • New option to add a prefix for selected forums and posts
    This replaces the hardcoded text [ Knowledge Base ] in the title,
    but does not affect those already created. The title must be manually edited.
  • Other small fixes.
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